PTM (Parents Teacher Meet) Schedule

Principal’s report on parent-teacher contact in the school.

  • Parent Teacher Meetings are a regular feature of the interaction between the stakeholders of the school.  The Parent Teacher Meeting is held every quarter, after the major evaluations like Periodic Test 1, Half Yearly Examination, Periodic Test 2 and Annual Examination.  Parents take stock of the performance of their wards and remedial measures are suggested to improve the performance of students.
  •  Parental support is sought to bring about improvement in the academic grades of the children.  Parents have been very supportive and have helped immensely in bringing about positive changes in children.   Principal and subject teachers maintain an interface with parents of Board students after each evaluation.  
  • Counselling and talks on sound parenting are given to parents.


1.     Frequency of parent teacher meetings –                              Quarterly
2.     Is Parents Day observed, if so, give periodicity?                 Yes, Annually
3.     Whether a register for suggestion from parents is maintained?      Yes
(a)      Parent Teacher Meeting registers are maintained by all class Teachers. 

(b)    Effective networking with parents is maintained by Subject Teachers, Class Teachers and Principal.