1. An Orientation Programme is conducted for all classes. 
  2. Parents of students of class I to V are invited for orientation, with all subject teachers in attendance.
  3. Parents’ expectations are noted and appropriate action taken. 
  4. An Orientation programme for parents of students of Class VI to X is organised to give the parents an in-depth insight of the curriculum and the role
    of parents in achieving better learning outcomes of their wards.
  5. An Interactive session with parents of Class XI & XII is organised.   Students’ attendance in school and teaching pedagogy are some major issues discussed.
  6. Regular interaction with parents of board students with subject teachers, has proven to be a very good medium of reaching out to the students. 
  7. Talks and interaction with parents on sound parenting are a regular feature.
  8. After each major evaluation, PT I, PT II, Half Yearly and Annual Examination, an update of students’ performance is given to the parents as part of Parent Teacher Meeting. 
  9. Parental support has been very prompt and academic parameters have been strengthened to a great extent through the unstinting support of parents.