General Rules  Of  Discipline

1. All Students Must Come To School On Time And In Proper Uniform.
2.Polite, Courteous Behavior And Good Conduct Are Expected Of Each And Every Student Both In And Outside The School.
3. Pupils Are To Proceed To The Assembly, Class Wise In Queues.
4. While Moving From One Class To Another Too, Strict Discipline Must Be Maintained In Order To Avoid Disturbance To Other Classes.
5. The School Premises Must Be Kept Clean And Tidy All The Times. The Seating Arrangement Should Not Be Disturbed.
6. Damages And Losses Should Be Reported Immediately To The Class Teacher Or Principal. Any Damage Will Be Made Good By The Person Responsible For
Causing The Same.
7. No Student Will Leave The School Without Prior Permission Of The Teacher/Principal. Application For Leave Of Absence Up to 2 Days Should Be Addressed
To The Class Teacher And 3 Days Or More To The Principal For Sanctions Of The Same. The Application Should Be Testified By The Guardian And In Case Of
Sickness; A Doctor’s Certificate Must Be Produced.
8. Student Must Be Punctual For All Classes And Other Activities.
9. All Pupils Are To Go Into Their Classes Immediately After The First Bell Rings And Take Their Respective Seats Assigned To Them By The Class Teacher
. Lights And Fans Should Be Switched Off When Students Leave The Classroom.
10. Pupil Must Bring The Prescribed Text Books And Note Books To The Class. Any Books Other Than These Are Liable To Be Confiscated.
11.  No Pupil Shall  Take Part In Any Un Lawful Activity.
12. Students Will Not Leave The School Premises  During  School Hours Without Permission  Nor Will They Make Purchases Fromm Vendors.
13. Money Should Neither Be Lent Nor Borrowed. The School Will Not Be Held Responsible For Any Articles Lost. Therefore It Is Advisable Not To Bring Valuable
And Expensive Articles9like W
14. All Student Are Expected To Carry Out Instruction Of Head Boy ,Head Girl , Captain , Perfect And Class Monitor.
15. No Act Of Indiscipline , Insubordination Or Disrespect To Any Teacher Shall Be Tolerated And The Delinquent May Be Expelled From The School
16. The School Cannot Be Health For The Accident Minor Or Serious Injury To Pupils During The Stay In The School Or While Taking Part In Any Sport Co-Curricular Activities Within Or Outside The School Premises
17. Irregular Attendance , Habitual Illness Disobedience And Conduct Injurious To The Ideal Of The School Justify Dismissal At Any Time Of The Year Unless The Student Reprimanded Correct Himself
18. The School Will Not Accept Books , Tiffin's Etc . For Their Child From The Parents During School Hours .
19. The Result Of Periodic Test 1&2 Half Yearly Examination And Annual; Examination For Classes 1&10 1st/2nd Unit Test Half Yearly And Annual Examination
For Classes 11 & 12 Will Be Given To The Parents Guardians And That Too Only On Specific Dates .
20. Mobile Phone Are Strictly Prohibited