• Absence from school is not tolerated except when the cause is sudden illness or other unforeseen ¬†circumstances .No leave or absence is sanctioned nor is a pupil allowed to go from school during school hours such reasons as birthday , excursions, festivals , urgent business, study leave¬† etc. are not considered sufficient reasons for leave .Whenever leave has been sanctioned the fact will be recorded in the Regularity Record.

    • After absence from class, students must state the reason for the absence duly entered in the Regularity Record. Absence from school on medical ground should be supported by an authentic medical certificate.

    • Prior leave must be obtained for religious ceremonies or special occasions. A leave as granted must be recorded in the Regularity Record under prior leave in diary.

    • Late arrival to school is breach of discipline. Students coming late may be sent back home.

    • Readmission to class for absentees and late comers is granted when they show to the class teacher, the Regularity Recorded duly counter signed by principal.

    • Parents | Guardians are requested to affix their specimen signature in the space indicated in the diary | calendar. No other signature will be accepted on the Regularity Record , report card , unit test copies etc.